Our Cheese Varieties
& other Wisconsin Favorites

Enjoy a wonderful taste of Wisconsin… we've compiled eleven categories of our most intriguing, flavorful, and popular cheeses and other great tastes of Wisconsin for your consideration. Whether you are after traditional varieties or are looking for that something different to spice up a party or special occasion… you needn't look any further.

  • cheese curds in a white bowl

    Cheese Curds

    These very popular “squeaky” treats are some of our best sellers here at Dairy State cheese. In addition to traditional curds we offer special flavors that are sure to excite your taste buds.

  • large hunk of cheese on a wooden cutting board

    Specialty Cheeses

    Searching for the finest Gorgonzola, Camembert, CoJack, or Smoked Natural Cheddar? Well we have those, as well as additional varieties to choose from in this category.

  • blocks of waxed cheeses on cutting board behind cubes and crackers

    Wisconsin Dairy State
    Waxed Cheese

    The selections in this category are for the true cheese lovers out there. Traditional varieties from award winning recipes and a few special flavors make up this popular category.

  • packages of goat cheese against bread on black cutting board

    Goat Cheeses

    Yes, we are Dairy State Cheese, and normally that means cheese made from cows’ milk but we also offer several varieties of plain and flavored Goat cheeses. These cheeses offer a unique flavor that beg to be sampled.

  • a glass of whey and strawberries in front of bike helmet and sunglasses

    Whey Protein Powder

    We are proud to offer our own Whey Protein for the health conscious consumer. Available in three sizes, our protein powder is refined in the most careful manner to ensure ALL the health benefits are retained.

  • gouda and edam on wooden cutting board with grapes and apples

    Gouda & Edam Cheeses

    These highly-popular wax-coated cheeses originated in the Netherlands and the Gouda varieties and Edam varieties offered by Dairy State Cheese are true to their flavor heritage.

  • 3 containers of spread with crackers

    Cheese Spreads

    Party Central here! We offer an amazing selection of cheese spreads. Combined with crackers and finger breads of your choice you’ll have snack trays that will blossom with flavors.

  • types of italian cheeses with bread on wooden cutting board

    Italian Cheeses

    There are many varieties of cheeses included in this wonderful sampling of the Italian cheesemakers kraft. Whether used in recipes or snacking these are wonderful cheeses that are full of flavor.

  • different spicy cheeses and crackers on wooden cutting board

    Spicy Cheeses

    For the more adventurous snack lovers these varieties of cheeses are sure to warm the taste buds of those looking for that extra kick-up in flavor.

  • summer sausages and snack sticks with crackers in a tray


    No self respecting snack tray is complete without the addition of premium Wisconsin sausages and snack sticks. These selections are available for finishing touches to your ultimate snack tray.

  • containers of honey, maple syrup and cranberries on a woode cutting board

    Other Products

    In addition to the other categories listed here, we also offer many locally made and harvested food products such as Honey, Maple Syrup, and Cranberries. We make these available only through purchase in our store.